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Real talk: working with, and relying on, human beings is hard! As an executive, you must run a business, develop, and implement growth strategies, and manage a team of people (amongst 1000 other things). 

Your sales are slow, productivity seems to be waning, teamwork is a thing of the past, and you are pulling your hair out!  

Imagine being able to inspire and encourage your employees to be the very best version of themselves. Your company culture is a growth culture, your sales are climbing, productivity soars and your team is more cohesive than ever before.  

This is exactly what you can expect from our Leadership Development initiatives. 

Through LMI, our Leadership Development initiatives are the solution to cure your waning productivity and lackluster sales by motivating and developing your team to be the best version of themselves. If you are reading this thinking “my team could be great if only they knew how” then schedule a free consultation with us today.

The reality is that people are people first, and employees second. You cannot motivate someone who does not wish to be motivated, and this can be incredibly frustrating. 

Picture this: your team is made up of amazing individuals who have aligned their personal goals to the overall business goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. They are successful, happy and driven. Does this sound like the team you want? 

Personal development is the foundation to growth, be it personal or  business growth. Our goal setting and personal development programs build a solid foundation by helping people to find their purpose and direction. 

If you feel that your team, or you, lacks purpose or has unclear goals then you need to sign up to one of our personal development programs today.

Let’s face it, The South African education system has failed us; past and present. People on your team don’t have the level of communication and numeracy skills to function at full capacity and to take the business into the future.  Lack of ability with basic numeracy and literacy leads to errors, time wasting and frustration for you and for them. 

Imagine your A-team with practical, industry specific, communication and numeracy skills.  A team that understands the importance of measuring twice and cutting once. A team that can communicate important information verbally and in writing about your products, your customers, and your strategic goals. 

This is exactly what you can expect from our Adult Education & Training (AET) solution. AET is designed to give your people the skills they need through concentrated, practical numeracy and communication interventions.  The ultimate goal? A company that can operate in the 21st Century on a global platform. 

More than just teaching numeracy and communication, we show learners why it is important and how it applies to their unique job or situation. Giving meaning to this type of training encourages learners to take ownership of the process, and their futures!  Our classes are small, focused, and interactive.  Adult education requires a different approach to school children, and we aim to make the learning fun and interesting, structured to suit the workplaces’ individual needs and limitations for time. 

If you are thinking “If my team had these skills, we would be unstoppable, I really need this today” Then contact us now.

Ok let’s get real for a minute: you are doing the right thing investing in the YES (Youth Employment Scheme) initiative in your business, but you feel frustrated by bringing in new team members with limited experience and skills. In fact, you are questioning if the YES initiative is even worth it. 

Your team members are busy and don’t have time to train new recruits that are simply un-teachable. You are getting push back from your managers and leaders and you feel like you need to babysit the entire process. 

Imagine the day your new cohort of YES recruits joins your team they have goals, direction, and a desire to absorb as much information from their mentors as possible. They are ready to add value to your business while upskilling themselves for future work, whether be as a part of your business or somewhere else. 

This? Is exactly what you can expect from our YES Initiative training. 

Our YES Initiative training is the solution to your teams struggles. We take your YES Initiative employees through a work readiness program and a detailed, results-driven, personal growth course to make your job much easier. The result? Teachable, goal-oriented individuals who are ready to add value. 

The best bit? This course is accredited with QCTO, adding to your BBBEE training spend! 

If you are reading this and thinking “umm finally!” then click the link below to set up a brief discussion on how we can cure your YES Initiative frustrations.

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