Ok let’s get real for a minute: you are doing the right thing investing in the YES (Youth Employment Scheme) initiative in your business, but you feel frustrated by bringing in new team members with limited experience and skills. In fact, you are questioning if the YES initiative is even worth it. 

Your team members are busy and don’t have time to train new recruits that are simply un-teachable. You are getting push back from your managers and leaders and you feel like you need to babysit the entire process. 

Imagine the day your new cohort of YES recruits joins your team they have goals, direction, and a desire to absorb as much information from their mentors as possible. They are ready to add value to your business while upskilling themselves for future work, whether be as a part of your business or somewhere else. 

This? Is exactly what you can expect from our YES Initiative training. 

Our YES Initiative training is the solution to your teams struggles. We take your YES Initiative employees through a work readiness program and a detailed, results-driven, personal growth course to make your job much easier. The result? Teachable, goal-oriented individuals who are ready to add value. 

The best bit? This course is accredited with QCTO, adding to your BBBEE training spend! 

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