Becoming One

Becoming one with COCA-COLA Peninsula Beverages

Who is Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (Pty) Ltd?


Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (Pty) Ltd, formerly known as Peninsula Beverage Company, Worcester Minerals, and Koelbly, is a consolidated company operating in the Western and Northern Cape regions of South Africa. With a rich history dating back to 1940, the company distributes Coca-Cola products and is committed to responsible and sustainable practices, as well as community upliftment through skills development and education.


The Challenge


The company faced the challenge of consolidating multiple entities into one cohesive organization, aiming to benefit customers, optimize their network, and enhance efficiency. To address this, they developed a new name, logo, and brand identity to ensure recognition among employees, customers, and stakeholders. The new logo retained a core element, Table Mountain, symbolizing their proud heritage.


Solution & Results


The company has implemented the LMI (Leadership Management International) program to support personal and professional growth. Employees have undergone training and development to improve their skills and achieve their goals. The LMI program has brought value to the organization, positively impacting the lives of individuals. 


What the Team Had to Say


After being nominated by our senior management team, my LMI journey started in August 2015. Initially sceptical, I engaged with the program and gradually embraced new ideas and perspectives. The LMI program has been transformative, helping me achieve my short-term goals and fuelling my commitment to long-term objectives. I am grateful for the guidance and support from LMI.”

“LMI has made a significant difference in our organization. The program has improved the personal and professional lives of our employees, and we are committed to continuing this journey in the coming years. We extend our gratitude to Naomi and Greg for their invaluable guidance and genuine interest in our well-being.” – Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages Team

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