Let’s face it, The South African education system has failed us; past and present. People on your team don’t have the level of communication and numeracy skills to function at full capacity and to take the business into the future.  Lack of ability with basic numeracy and literacy leads to errors, time wasting and frustration for you and for them. 

Imagine your A-team with practical, industry specific, communication and numeracy skills.  A team that understands the importance of measuring twice and cutting once. A team that can communicate important information verbally and in writing about your products, your customers, and your strategic goals. 

This is exactly what you can expect from our Adult Education & Training (AET) solution. AET is designed to give your people the skills they need through concentrated, practical numeracy and communication interventions.  The ultimate goal? A company that can operate in the 21st Century on a global platform. 

More than just teaching numeracy and communication, we show learners why it is important and how it applies to their unique job or situation. Giving meaning to this type of training encourages learners to take ownership of the process, and their futures!  Our classes are small, focused, and interactive.  Adult education requires a different approach to school children, and we aim to make the learning fun and interesting, structured to suit the workplaces’ individual needs and limitations for time. 

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