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As a business owner or leader your focus is on strategy, performance, and overall business growth, leaving you little time to develop your people. Whether your team is completely dysfunctional or just needs an extra push of motivation, we’ve got the solution for you. The Impumeleo Institute exists to help you develop your teams, yourself and your business to achieve ultimate success. Through customised, action-based initiatives we will get your team functioning at a whole new level, all the while moving in the direction you set out.

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We do not offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions, instead we co-create the ultimate intervention to suit your unique needs. Whether you are looking for basic Maths and English or leadership development, we’ve got you covered.

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Kayleigh’s guidance and support beyond the curriculum of the leadership course has been an instrumental part of my growth over the past few months. Kayleigh is incredible, her attentive and intuitive coaching skills have guided me through a great turning point in my life. Her invaluable advice and her ability to help me vision my goals and actively take steps to pursue them as added the most to me.

S. Dowlath
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